Philippe Streiff Speaks About Schumacher’s Current Condition

Philippe Streiff, a close friend of Michael Schumacher has said that his friend is still recovering but now he is able to move with the help of a wheelchair.

Schumacher is still paralyzed and it isn’t sure if he will be able to recover from his paralysis. There are also other reports that indicate Schumacher is recovering slowly. Streiff has also said Schumacher is having memory problem and he is also having speech problems. He said that whether Schumacher will be able to recover completely and how fast will he recover are dependent on the treatment he’s getting. Streiff paid quite a few visits to Schumacher at the Grenoble Hospital which is in France according to reports. Some years ago, Philippe Streiff recovered from being paralyzed from his neck down which was also due to an accident.

Schumacher suffered an injury to his head in a skiing accident last year. The injury was very severe and he was put into coma with the help of medications for the sake of his recovery.  Many eminent doctors and specialists tried to make Schumacher better.

Not too long ago, a German magazine published photographs of Schumacher in wheelchair. Later on they were proven to be false, those pictures were taken long before Schumacher suffered the head injury. The German magazine had to face the consequences for their action. There were many false reports published regarding Schumacher’s recovery in order to boost that particular daily or magazine’s sale. What Schumacher’s close friend Streiff has said can actually be regarded as reliable information.

Any news regarding Michael Schumacher’s recovery will be published in his official website after getting consent from his family members. According to many, the media should not disturb the family of Schumacher too much. The doctor should be able to do their job which can be hampered due to too much media attention; also Schumacher should be able to rest as much as possible and recover which may not happen if the media people disturb him.