Formula One team Renault have unveiled a radical F1 concept car – a car for the future with its four wheel drive, four wheel steering an active LED lighting.

Despite a small weight it delivers significant power, showing the long term future commitment to the sport.

Named the R.S 2027, the concept car was unveiled at the Shanghai motor show as the project was one that aimed at putting the driver “back at the heart of the sport.” The 600kg car is to be powered by a small internal combustion engine but the battery system is impressive as it is almost five times the current capacity in F1.

The project seeks to reduce energy wastage so there is active aerodynamics to guard against drag at high speed. The concept car also incorporates LED lighting into the wheels and the driver’s position aside an improved suspension system that seeks to recover lost energy.

In addition, the safety features were improved on. Under safety conditions, the driver would have to relinquish control of the car and there are other autonomous functions. The driver would be visible but there is a polycarbonate closed canopy for increased protection. Two titanium roll over bars are included to protect drivers in less than a second in the case the car overturns.

There have been concept cars before this but this shows considerable measures in place for drivers. Red Bull had released their Adrian X1 prototype in 2010 and McLaren had their MP4-X revealed in 2015.