24 thoughts on “Round 9: British GP – Fernando Alonso’s mixed feelings over second | BBC Formula 1 2012”

  1. You trying to say that bad strategies don’t effect others ?? That’s ridiculous.

  2. So when Alonso gets overtaken, its because of tyres, but when Lewis and the other drivers are not able to overtake him, it is because they suck ?? Great logic.

  3. I don’t want to waste my time educating you on this matter, you can easily do the research yourself. There is a complete section in his Wikipedia article on all the crap that he has pulled. You’re the lazy cunt for telling me to spoon-feed this shit to you. Just look it up yourself.

    BTW, I will admit that Alonso is a fast and smart driver, but for me. his smugness and his arrogance totally overpowers his aptitude as a driver. Best on the grid ?? I don’t think so.Kimi all the way motherfucker !!

  4. … 4) Yeah, Alonso definitely knows how to overtake once the safety car slows his opponents down, but what about him losing his lead to Webber at Silverstone and Lewis in Canada ?? Hell, he couldn’t even overtake the Williams in Spain ?? You’re right, he’s an expert at closing the gap when there is a safety car out, but he hasn’t won a single race this year without a safety car.

  5. 1) Alonso took the lead over Lewis in the pitlane when McLaren fucked up his pitstop. There was nothing extraordinary about Alonso’s performance, Vettel had the fastest car on that day.
    2) Alonso would have been nowhere if Vettel and Grosjean didn’t drop out of the race due to technical problems
    3) I’ll admit, the McLaren has absolutely crap cars and Kimi would have overtaken Alonso if Hamilton didn’t hold him back after the restart….

  6. thats so stupid..its like only fernando start behind the safety car..if your talking about european gp..he came from 11th….11th!!why didnt lewis or other drivers in front him win the race..why didnt hamilton overtake kimi in the restart?for me…the start and the restart is where you show your skill…because everybody is at the same speed,and you have to be creative like alonso did in spain 2 years in a row.

  7. what else has alonso done that makes him a cheat? you’ve named 1 race, which there is no evidence of alonso being involved. if that’s the tip of the iceberg, then you’d be able to point out a lot of other things he’s done that’s called ‘cheating’.

    i can tell you know jack all about f1 because anyone who knows f1, knows alonso is the best driver on the grid.

  8. agree love Webber to get his first title he is a genuinely nice bloke who deserves it.

  9. he is a good driver, but i know where you are coming from, want webber to take his title this year

  10. Alonso is a bigtime snake, a canniving opportunistic snake. I’m sure nobody really wants to be his team-mate, each and every driver who has been his team-mate has probably hated him.

  11. As instructed by his bosses at Renault, cause they wanted Alonso to win. You can’t tell me Alonso is so stupid that he didn’t even know about it. This guy was one of Flavio Braitore’s closest friends, you can’t tell me that he didn’t get the slightest inkling about it from his team boss. He must have at least known something was fishy after he was briefed about the ridiculous pit stop strategy that was planned for him during that race.

  12. I got some clips on my channel from the race that I recorded myself sitting at club corner. Please take a look.

  13. hamilton n alonso the 2 best f1 drivers by a country mile,loved that bit of raceing between them yesterday

  14. You have no right to tell me to sod off, I have more evidence to back up my claims than you do to back up yours. He won both his races this year because of the safety car and Hamilton’s pitstop disasters. The only thing half baked over here is you.

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