23 thoughts on “Shell Ferrari F1”

  1. Is he going — like, a buck & a half (150 mph) through Tokyo?! That must be a RUSH!

  2. ah, the good old days when you could air commercials like this. But today, the western world has been hijacked by the ‘look at me’ I’m green idiots that drive diesels/hybrids and have solar power, but then turn around and fly around the globe in dirty jet airliners. These adds will always be a thing of the past because, as they say, nothing good lasts forever.

  3. This 2:03 commercial is superior to all five Fast and the Furious movies combined.

  4. the 24 dislikes are from yugo dealers trying to get money by getting rid of ferrari

  5. In the limited Italian that I took in college, I can safely tell you that the guy at the gas pump at the end said (translated), “Holy crap, is that a Ferrari?”

  6. Rome, New York, the Pacific coast highway, Tokyo,Rio, Monte Carlo and the GREAT Red cars !!! Doesnt get any better than this one !!

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