Austrian Grand Prix Well Controlled By Max Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Motorsport led Valtteri Bottas in the Austrian Grand Prix which took place on Sunday. As soon as the virtual car safety time started in 14th lap due to Bottas retirement for hydraulics issue, Bottas did not come into the pits. But, many frontrunners did. Max Verstappen Formula 1 racer from Red Bull Racing was in 3rd position when Bottas was asked to retire. Hamilton came into the pits with 26 laps when Verstappen was in a leading position. Hamilton was in 4th place, Daniel Ricciardo from Red Bull Racing and Kimi Raikkonen from Scuderia Ferrari was in 2nd and 3rd position respectively.

Raikkonen took over Ricciardo in lap 38 which made Ricciardo go into the pits again on lap 39. Thereafter, he joined the field again in 5th place. However, there was a gearbox failure on lap 54 which made him retire. Verstappen continued to lead the race with best comfort thereafter with just 18 laps and an alarm went off in the garage of Red Bull Racing. In an attempt to stop similar condition, Red Bull Racing took a decision to turn down the engine in Verstappen’s vehicle.
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