Moratti and Irvine Convicted

Gabriele Moratti was found guilty by the judge of “mutual injury” during the infamous incident in the VIP section of Hollywood nightclub. The son of the former Milan mayor said that he was accused of being more aggressive and according to the reports it seems that he used a glass in the argument and quarrel that followed.

Along with him the Northern Irishman was also convicted because he was also involved in the brawl. Due to this both the accused has been sentenced to prison for a period of six months. However both of them can appeal their respective sentences and if the confirmation is done then the sentence can be suspended as well. It is a big question as to whether Moratti the retired Formula One driver will have to spend his six months in prison or not. The lawyers on the other hand are not agreeing to the fact about the reason of the fight. They are of the opinion that the fight took place because the Irishman had been seen to get in touch with the ex girlfriend of Moratti and that may have been the reason for the whole fight.

Vincenzo Saponara the lawyer of Moratti said that the media is making a big deal out of this and it can be sorted out very easily. He also added that it is very easy for newspapers to make things up and say that the fight took place because of the jealousy over a girl. Irvine who has already retired from F1 in the year 2003 has been part of Ferrari, Jaguar and Jordan while Moratti who is 35 years old is the director of Saras an energy company. He is known to possess a house that was inspired from the house of Batman which the reporters call “Bathouse”.


Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has spoken highly about his chances of winning the British Grand Prix during the weekend. Expectations will be high for the Silverstone circuit to see a home winner. Even though Hamilton no longer resides in Britain, he is still regarded as one of the best icons for Britain when it comes to sport. Hamilton has always enjoyed a strong support at Silverstone and he reckons that this will once again push him towards victory. After moving from McLaren in the summer, Hamilton will be racing for a German team at Silverstone for the first time in history.

The 28-year-old is no stranger to victories at this race circuit after managing a fine win back in 2008. Since then, though, he has been unable to win it. However, he sees this season as the best opportunity to finish in the first place, but Mercedes are not without problems. Hamilton has said that tyre degradation still remains a major problem for the team, and he feels that Mercedes will be able to claim a victory if they sought to this problem. He is more than happy with the race pace shown by the team in the last few races.

Hamilton is currently fourth in the drivers championship table after a decent start to the new season.

“It’s definitely closer than what I have had for a couple of years. I am looking forward to seeing what the car can do. I think the car will go really well. I definitely feel we’ll be competitive through the weekend but I don’t know where the time is being lost on Sunday. The car feels great generally throughout the weekend. It’s just their car (Red Bull and Ferrari) is feeling even better on a Sunday,” said the 28-year-old, who replaced Michael Schumacher at the helm of Mercedes.


The McLaren driver Jenson Button has said that it is possible that he will be able to win the Japanese Grand Prix because he has the faith in the pace of the car over the weekend. The McLaren driver had a very good qualifying session and has been placed third on the grid. The Red bull drivers Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber have locked the front row. However, the McLaren driver Jenson Button has said that he is confident of victory in the Japanese Grand Prix because the car will be extremely quick over the weekend. Aside from the qualifying, the Englishman has also been given a five place penalty for changing the gearbox.

McLaren decided to change in the gearbox after the qualifying session because they were not too concerned about the ability of this gearbox to withstand the whole race. Both the McLaren drivers suffered gearbox failure in the recent Singaporean Grand Prix, which has been the reason that prompted this change. Despite being in the eighth position, Jenson Button is confident that he has a strategy that will help him climb places during the race. Strategy and pace will be extremely important factors according to Jenson Button.

“If it was a straightforward race, you’d have no chance of victory from eighth. But I don’t think it’s going to be straightforward. The tyres are difficult for everyone here. They have been difficult all year but especially here with blistering and graining – strategy is going to be important. It’s going to be a thinking drivers’ race and our engineers are very good at thinking on their feet in difficult situations,” said the Englishman ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix. This has not been a great season for Jenson Button after he is currently in the sixth position in the drivers table.

Raikkonen can still win Formula One

James Allison, the technical director of the Lotus F1 Team believes that their star driver Kimi Raikkonen still has a good enough chance of securing the Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship for the 2012 season. Raikkonen made a stunning comeback to the sport after almost 4 years away with the new team from Enstone, and has chalked up five podium finishes from the 11 races of the season so far. So impressive has his second coming been to the sport that he is widely being tipped as a potential candidate for the title fight in the 9 remaining races of the season.

Currently, Raikkonen occupies the fifth position in the standing for the Drivers’ Championship, having scored 116 points from the first 11 races of the season and is just a point behind Lewis Hamilton of McLaren in 4th place. The Drivers’ Championship leader Fernando Alonso, however, has a massive 48 point lead over the Finnish driver but Allison remains confident that Raikkonen will be able to challenge for the title in what is left of the season.

Raikkonen has been a former champion in Formula 1, having secured the Drivers’ Championship back in 2007 when he was with Ferrari and according to Allison; there is no reason why his driver cannot compete for the title. He pointed out that these days, there is an awful lot of points coming in for scoring a victory and considering the amount of points one scores with a single win, Alonso’s lead at the top is minuscule at best.

He went on to add that the team is ready to do whatever The Flying Finn needs in order to step up his hunt for the title and the team is already planning for the long term with plans for providing a more competitive car to the Finn.