Bernie Ecclestone, a supremo of Formula 1, has made a shocking statement as regarding his future in the sport.

He admitted that his future in the sport is not guaranteed especially now that the date Liberty Media chose to takeover formula 1 edges nearer. He further explained that the next few years of his career would depend on Liberty media.

Earlier this week, the stake holders and governing body for the motorsport, FIA, have given Liberty Media their approval. They are certain that the final deal would close before the month runs out.

At the advent of their involvement in the Motorsport, Ecclestone informed the public that he had been offered the chance to stay aboard for three years. However, his statement has changed to uncertainty as he believed his future is in the hand of Liberty Media.

Talking to the Press, Ecclestone said, “We will have to see how we set the company up.”

“It is not a case of my terms, it is a case of let’s have a look and see which way they would like to go. It is something that would have happened anyway”. Read More

Button hints at quitting F1

Former Formula One Drivers’ World Champion Jenson Button has dropped the biggest hint yet that he could quit the sport altogether once his contract with McLaren ends at the end of the season.

it is believed that the announcement regarding a change in the line-up of drivers for the British team is quite imminent with another former world champion Fernando Alonso set to be announced as his replacement in the team who are also set to retain rookie youngster Kevin Magnussen as the Spanish driver’s teammate.

Although the Englishman has scored almost twice as many points as the rookie, McLaren believe the 22 year old is a much better fit as a teammate for Alonso rather than Button.

Rumours have swirled all summer that Alonso is set to return to his former team for the 2015 season and after it was announced that the Spaniard would be leaving Ferrari at the end of the season to be replaced by Red Bull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel. and Button sounded quite downbeat and in acceptance of the fact that he has no future in the team anymore, said that it had been going on for some time now.

He added that although it was okay initially, there comes a time when everyone needs to sit down and consider the options available in such a situation, be it in Formula One or any other motorsport.

button went on to state that there is a lot of challenges out there, challenges that will push him to the limit and test him and although he didn’t clearly said what kind of challenges those were, it is expected that Button will join another former Formula One driver Mark Webber at the World Endurance Championship with the Porsche team once his deal with McLaren expires at the end of the season.