Lewis On A Summer Break

The win at German GP has provided Lewis Hamilton with a well deserved break. He has started to vacation in Barbados.

With the last races Nico and Lewis have been all over the F1 news. Lewis currently leads by 19 points over his team mate Nico Rosberg. Lewis explains that even when he takes a break for the summer he likes to stay busy. He states that it is the best way to keep his eyes on the goals of winning titles and to maintain focus.

Lewis Hamilton is the world champion currently and title leader in the current year. He is now headed to spend his summer in Barbados after he obtained victory at the German GP last weekend. Most drivers are off to their well deserved break now for about three weeks. The next upcoming event is a Belgian GP which would be held at the Spa. The trend has started from 2009 when teams shut down operations for about a fortnight during the month of August. Read More


The McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton has said that it is an emotional moment to be saying goodbye to the McLaren’s staff at the team’s headquarters in Woking. The 26-year-old Englishman said his goodbyes to the McLaren staff after spending more than 13 years with the team at various levels of racing. He has said that McLaren have been part of his life for more than half, which makes them extremely special. It was a difficult decision to leave McLaren, but he feels that he needed a new challenge in his life. Lewis Hamilton will be joining Mercedes at the end of the season.

He has signed a three-year deal with the German F1 team. He has said that Mercedes are trying to reach the level of McLaren by winning consistently. He will be hoping to achieve this aim by working with a team of engineers, who are extremely good. Lewis Hamilton also paid tribute to the McLaren headquarters at Woking, which is one of the impressive buildings for an F1 team. Lewis Hamilton recently conceded the F1 world championship title after falling significantly behind the rivals Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel after the Korean Grand Prix. He has said that it is extremely disappointing not to win the world championship title with McLaren for the last time.

“I’m massively proud to have worked for McLaren for so long. I remember the day I first went to the old McLaren factory when I was 13. I’ve spent half my life at McLaren. The team, the cars, the place, the people – they’ll always be special to me. The Mercedes building definitely isn’t as spectacular as the MTC. The challenge of moving to Mercedes will be working with that team’s engineers to take a car that doesn’t win regularly, and turn it into a car that does, like my McLaren,” said Lewis Hamilton.