Team by Hass To Be Acknowledged

An U.S backed squad started by Gene Haas is among the two new teams in the sport that is liable to be acknowledged in the upcoming season as is said by formula one commercial chief Bernie Ecclestone.

Before the Bahrain grand prix talking on Sunday Ecclestone uttered that with the sports governing body, FIA, he has held consultation where there was a contract about extending the prix next season.

When inquired about the entry of Hass into the team, he said that they would like to accept another team like this. He has spoken to Jean Todt, the president of FIA and they have decided to accept them. The contract between Ecclestone and FIA would probably be overtaking the cut-off date time which is by the end of February for a decision of new 2015 entries. The new entries might replace the current F1 teams who are struggling financially in this classy sport.

Haas is the creator of the Stewart-Haas racing NASCAR team standed in north California and also runs one of the most world’s sophisticated wind tunnels for the checking of car aerodynamics which will significantly help any recent F1 access.

A likely obstacle that comes in the participation of Haas’s in F1 is the trial of fit and decent person which FIA examines of to those who are up at high stage of administration and possession. Haas has a certainty for tax avoidance and allied charges.

Haas told that he has not been informed by the FIA before the starting of the Sprint cup series at Texas motor speedway on Sunday, but he is sure what Bernie says goes on as he is a brand of half formula one.

Haas who began the course last august told that he wants to know in the next month whether to set a field in 2015 out of North Carolina.