25 thoughts on “This is Caterham F1 2012 – Let’s Go For A Ride”

  1. I really hope these guys can get it together and become competitive. It’d be cool to see the underdogs in the top 10 for once

  2. It’s a damn shame because Team Lotus bought Caterham. Don’t get your hopes up that they will win or anything.

  3. I dont get it. New teams = Caterham, HRT & Marussia … if thats what u mean?

  4. I’m sorry for this, but Caterham is a great team with great drivers. But you guys have KERS and the Marussias and HRTs are still beating you? Come on! Pick up the pace!!

  5. The Jap Stars providing an awesome soundtrack … almost as good as the roar of the engine!!

  6. HANDS UP FOR CATERHAM. sorry, i live in the actual caterham, with the caterham cars so, got some town pride here.

  7. i like the caterham sound out of all! especcially when the go through the corner the brrrrrrrrp @ 3:31 / 3:32 i heard it at the last corner on the nurnbergring GP 2011 and i love it sooooo much!!

  8. I hated this team when they were a pseudo Lotus, but now with their own brand, identity and focus I really want you guys to get where your aimed.

    Also I hope the new interests in Caterham in general revives an affordable, rear will drive resurgence of handling focused sports cars!

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