25 thoughts on “Traktor Kontrol F1 – Controllerism with Moldover”

  1. @DJSweatervest at least he can make something all you can do is shit in your hand and clap to the beat.

  2. @lend6me6your6soul Dude too far really i mean u have a poin with all the money stuff and rememberance stuff and all that but still did yuh have to tell a13 year old to go fuck himself like wtf man. how mature do u look going around on the internet telling people off seems pretty messed up to me

  3. Who asked you dick-breath? You cannot even play a fucking guitar to save your life so what are you even talking about. Here, let me get you a Fisher Price toy that lights up and plays music while you sit behind your computer and whine. Will that make baby happy? 😉

  4. You are so right. But you know what? That’s all they will be making. Money. Not music.
    Nobody is going to remember this garbage when they are old and grey. Go fuck yourself ;)

  5. I wish the displays were actually on the device…they look so boss!

  6. I can’t tell if that display is just an effect added later on, or actually part of the device.

  7. lol play a real instrument? didn’t he say that he sampled his own guitar playing?

  8. But… but he does know how to play a real instrument! He knows how to play lots of real instruments!

  9. yuh know its funny cause people who just press buttons and call themselves producers make more money than you eveeeeeeeeeer will in your life!

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